Meet the new addition to the family, Buddy, the american mastiff.


Buddy and I go 4 months back. It’s strange and wonderful how life works itself out! I found Buddy a while back in an ad. His family loves him very much but wanted him to have a good home where he can run and be happy. He came to stay with me for a few days but then I broke my finger and things decided to fall apart for a little while. As this happens I receive a phone call from his original owner who knew a little boy who wanted him so bad. Long story short he went to the little boy which ended up being a terrible situation for Buddy. I told them if it did not work out for whatever reason, I want him. Get a call a couple of months later from his original owner worried it was not working out at his new home. Long story short, his loving original owner finally received a call from Buddy’s new family not wanting him anymore. They said he was too big and did not have time. Not to mention he was being chained to a tree, verbally abused (possibly physically too), and they were going to take him to a person’s property they knew to leave him in a fence all alone. Very sad! But as faith has it, Buddy made it back to me. When I received him, he was skin and bones.. looked nothing like the Buddy I knew 4 months ago. Took him to the vet, got him treated for hook worms and such. It has been 2 weeks now and he is happy as ever fitting in perfectly with the family. Guinea Pig, my little shih tzu is quite fond of him as well. He inspires me. Going through what he did, it never broke his spirit. 


Super moon

Cinco de mayo celebration! It just so happens the moon is at its closest to the earth on cinco de mayo. Saturday night couldn’t have been more perfect. Just as you would see in a beer commercial, two friends spending a Saturday night with good beer on a couch under the stars in the middle of nowhere. We’re going to have to do this more frequently!


Starting to look like a Cochin!


Hey friends! So sorry I have not made an update. I have many pictures to share of the development of my garden and chickens. With my broken finger, it has been very difficult to type :( about 4 more weeks and hopefully I will be good as new! I look forward to sharing the progress through this crazy time in my life!

Finger surgery


Unfortunately my finger didn’t heal correctly in the cast I wore for 4 and a half weeks. I had extensive finger surgery Friday morning along with another yet bulkier cast for another 4 to 6 weeks. Things happen that are out of our control but you just have to go with it! This delays much yard work and chicken coop work :(

We now get a little taste of greenery!


Veggie Patch update


something got ahold of one of my plants! time to find some organic pesticides.(a lemon juice mix is a great one!) The mistake I made when I transplanted these 2 weeks ago is failing to label each plant. When I finished, I realized I did not do so. Now I do not know what these are.. either my squash and or cucumbers? Very important to always label what you have! 

cousin pheebs visits

cousin pheebs visits

cousin Pheobe loving GuineaP.